When Told Not to Chronicle Eroticism

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after Mary Szybist If I were a classical nude, the distance between my nipples would be the same as from my nipples to my belly button, the same distance from there to the split head of the pelvis. The body: quiet bone construct can be charted in the faults of its architecture. * When the eggs of a Japanese carp are endangered, the male will suck them into his mouth and hold them. His mouth, master imitator of womb, makes teeth from them. He spits them out like they are dead, finds a new mate.… Continue reading When Told Not to Chronicle Eroticism

Special Focus on Justin Chin – “Quietus” — SINGAPORE POETRY

Part Three of our special focus on Justin Chin brings you his short story “Quietus” collected in his book 98 Wounds (San Francisco: Manic D Press). Part One reprints his prose piece “Buffed Fag” and Part Two his poem “Poison.” Born in Kuantan, Malaysia, Chin grew up in Singapore, before migrating to San Francisco, where he […] via Special Focus on Justin Chin – “Quietus” — SINGAPORE POETRY Continue reading Special Focus on Justin Chin – “Quietus” — SINGAPORE POETRY


I’ve never released an official statement. I’m told it’s helpful for all sorts of things. How children see you. How adults see you. How your fellow artists see you. How historians and theorists and The Internet see you, one day when you are gone. (The Internet will outlive us all). It’s all us and our signals. Then, just out signals. And I want to answer the buzzing in my head. The hive made out of all these voices and their questions. I answer in my head and not in the real world where these voices really are – not often … Continue reading ARTIST’S STATEMENT MARCH 2016