Solo Work
Caterwaul (Math Paper Press, 2016) Kinokuniya Books Sprecial Member’s Price
A History of Clocks (Redwheelbarrow Books, 2015)

A Blessed Apocalypse | A Luxury We Cannot Afford (Math Paper Press, Print)
I Am A Unicorn (But No One Believes Me), Serangoon Gardeners | SingPoWriMo (Math Paper Press, Print)
Serangoon Gardeners | Text In The City (Singapore)
Pink With The Morning, Let It Shine | Musicity (Singapore/London)
Good Girl, True Fact | RUDE! (Sekaliwags, Out of print)


On Art
New-Born Eyes: Fresh Takes | Chan Hampe Galleries (Singapore)
No Longer Playing With Ghosts: Ataraxy | Chan Hampe Galleries (Singapore)
Intravenous Picture Show | Primae Noctis Art Gallery (Switzerland)
On Repose | Primo Marella Gallery (Italy)

On Culture
The State of Politeness | Esquire (Singapore)

On Figures
A Darling Bud of May: Nadiah M. Din | Esquire (Singapore)


Rich Dream w/ Monster Cat | Musicity (Singapore/London)
Udaan w/ Babushka (Singapore)
Tunnels w/ Sekaliwags (Singapore)
Token Other w/ Sekaliwags (Singapore)
She Walks Like A Free Country w/ Sekaliwags, Melizarani Kumar, Sheena Baharudin & Elaine Foster (Singapore, Malaysia, UK)
What Would Kuan Yew Say? w/ Raksha Mathani
National Conversation w/ Marc Nair & Raksha Mathani
Everybody Hertz w/ Party Action People
Playground Ghosts w/ Stephanie Dogfoot & Victoria Lim

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    Would you be interested in creating a location-aware audio story for VoiceMap? We have a range of tours by journalists, authors, broadcasters,and artists, & are looking for authentic voices in Singapore. If you’re interested send me an email:

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